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"The coop is working out well, our chickens have slowly got used to the change in design and now 3 out of 4 of them find their perches at night, they've also learnt to lay in the nest box. We've had very complimentary comments about the look of it from friends calling in, and it's great that we don't have to let the chickens out first thing in the morning as they have space to wander. Looking forward to trying it out on some of the beds in the veggie patch." -- Fiona, Wanaka
"Chicken coop has been a real hit with the chickens and the boys! We have 3 hens and a rooster residing in ours. The sussex hen who has gone clucky and is sitting on eggs at the moment. Boys are eagerly waiting for the 21 days to be up to see if some little fluffy things appear!" -- Sarah, Wyndham
Free DIY Plans

We will be adding a lot of gardening related plans for free download as we develop them.




To build this you'll need to scavenge a plastic drum from a local dairy farmer.  It's not difficult to build, and for under $40 you should have a great drum composter.

To download the pdf plan (26MB), right-click the image to the left and select 'save target as' to your preferred local location.

Raised Beds

This is built from Stuart Timber ColourPine half-rounds (35mm thick).  If your local stuff is different, just modify the dims to suit.

We left the corner stakes poking above the bed for a you can attach Chicken Tractors, protective screens, or even plastic covered frames as a cloche.

To download the pdf plan (6MB), right-click the image to the left and select 'save target as' to your preferred local location.

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" really happy with the coop. I especially like the fact that the door hinges down. This works well for us. Absolutely brilliant that we can simply wheel it to another position. Side door works well as does the door for the nesting box. Hens were used to being in a rabbit style coop and this is just so much of an improvement. Good to know that stoats, ferrets, weasels cannot get them. I know they are totally safe." -- Glennis, Gore
"The coop is fabulous, the chickens arrived...and the chicken supplier was very impressed...I do love showing off my coop to others, I feel like inspector gadget! The people I bought the chickens off weren’t sure they’d find the water or be able to get up to the roost, but they were fine!" -- Bilinda, Dunedin