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"The coop is working out well, our chickens have slowly got used to the change in design and now 3 out of 4 of them find their perches at night, they've also learnt to lay in the nest box. We've had very complimentary comments about the look of it from friends calling in, and it's great that we don't have to let the chickens out first thing in the morning as they have space to wander. Looking forward to trying it out on some of the beds in the veggie patch." -- Fiona, Wanaka
"Our girls love their bedroom. And it looks very elegant in our garden." -- Nichola, Lyttleton

Introducing the John Chook Chicken Tractor:


The large nestbox is easily accessed from the hinged end door for egg collection and cleaning, while a hinged roof panel allows for more extensive access on the odd occasion when required.  The lower hinged door at one end provides ground level feed access and also allows entry and exit for the hens.  This sturdy hen house can be used as a stationary chicken coop for free-ranging cooks as well.  As this coop features an inclined perch, it does not have a removable floor option.





The John Chook Chicken Tractor Base Model Features:


This chicken tractor is suitable for up to four laying chickens. It has an overall grazing length of 1.5m and width of 1.2m.

  • 'Staired' perches with rounded edges to prevent chafing
  • Single large fixed nest box
  • Hinged lower access door under nestbox
  • Hinged upper door for egg collection from nestbox
  • Hinged roof panel for internal access

John Chook Chicken Tractor
$ 575.00




Please see our accessories page for optional extras you can add to your base-model coop.


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" really happy with the coop. I especially like the fact that the door hinges down. This works well for us. Absolutely brilliant that we can simply wheel it to another position. Side door works well as does the door for the nesting box. Hens were used to being in a rabbit style coop and this is just so much of an improvement. Good to know that stoats, ferrets, weasels cannot get them. I know they are totally safe." -- Glennis, Gore
"Your chicken coops are very strongly built and user friendly..." -- Barbs, Heriot